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International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
We Are a Movement to End Nuclear Weapons.
Join ICAN and we will connect you with opportunities to take action globally and locally.
If you believe that we must end these weapons before they end us,

If you believe that we can, we really can and will end this long nuclear nightmare through the power of people -

Then you are ICAN.

Post a photo or video of yourself to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the message "#IamICAN because..."
Nobel Peace Prize 2017
Learn more about the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN and hear the Nobel Lecture.
The Campaign
ICAN is a coalition of 468 organizations in over 100 countries working to abolish nuclear weapons. We promote adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear ban treaty.
The nuclear weapons story started seven decades ago with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even those who created these weapons knew nuclear weapons must be abolished. But far from ending the nuclear threat, it has spread and grown. Nuclear weapons will be used again if we do not remove them. There can only be one of two endings to the story of humankind and nuclear weapons. Which will you choose?

We must choose. The end of nuclear weapons, or the end of us. #KeepPushing

The UN nuclear ban treaty gives us a clear path to a world without nuclear weapons. Join campaigners in your country and around the world in pushing all nations to join the treaty.
Join the Campaign
The Weapon
The effects of a nuclear weapons would be inhumane and indiscriminate. When using a nuclear bomb, there is no possibility of differentiating between an intended target and a civilian, and the impact of a nuclear weapons detonation on human life is devastating and long-lasting. Nine nations control an arsenal of 15,000 weapons of mass destruction. The possession of these weapons is unacceptable. Learn More.
The Treaty
Following a decade of advocacy by ICAN and its partners, the historicTreaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted by an overwhelming majority of the world's nations at the United Nations onJuly 7, 2017. It will enter into legal force once 50 nations have signed and ratified it. Learn more.
    1000 Cranes
    Origami cranes are a symbol of peace that have become a global symbol for the end of nuclear weapons.

    Supporters of ICAN have been making and sharing cranes on social media to show that they choose a world without nuclear weapons. They choose the #EndOfNukes.
    Help turn your wish for peace into action. Become a Founding Member of the ICAN Nobel Prize 1000 Day Fund. This new fund will support 1000 Days of Action by ICAN partners around the world to bring the nuclear ban treaty into legal force and accelerate the end of nuclear weapons.
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